Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rhode Island

My darling grandchildren and daughter-in-law, Rachel, arrived at my office yesterday afternoon. It was so much fun showing them off. Josiah loved using my rubber stamps and seeing my fish, Cleo. He was happy to see all of our books on shelves too. Rachel thinks our office resembles Barnes & Nobel!

Peder and Sarah joined us for supper last night. They had not seen Rachel and Josiah since the day after they were married a year ago in June, and of course they hadn't met Annika. Both kids took to them right away. I was so happy they came, since they had had a very tough day - - Peder's cat, Calypso, had passed away in the morning. She hadn't been feeling well for a couple of months. I feel so bad for him.

This morning we will start our trip across country - final destination: Rhode Island. Rachel, Josiah, Annika and I are starting out in about an hour. We're looking forward to stopping in Rochester for a little bit to see Janet and Jerry and then onward east.

We are taking the Michigan route, crossing into Canada at Detroit, returning to the US in New York state. Our plans are to stop to see Niagara Falls! This has me very excited! I've only seen them from thousands of feet up on a flight to Boston years ago.

The trees here are beginning to change, so it's possible we will see fall foliage throughout our trip.

I don't expect to have access to a computer while I'm away, so this will have to do for now.

Take care.

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