Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend I flew to Chicago to visit my friends Florine, Doris, Bob and their family, and Jack & Jean. An added bonus was getting to see my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Allan.

I stayed at my dear friend Florine's and she drove me anywhere I wanted to go. She is a wonderful person who has helped me and my family for many years. In fact, she is the first one to babysit Hans while Steve and I attended our national church convention. What a blessing that was! Even to this day she is interested in all three of my kids and their families.

Other very good friends of mine, Doris and Bob, invited us to dinner on Saturday night. I have known them since the day we moved into the new parsonage on Laraway Road. On that day, Doris and her daughters walked across the road to welcome us and brought a delicious cake. Her three daughters, and once her son, became our regular baby-sitters. And Doris became a very dear friend and close confidant. It was really fun getting caught up on what they have been doing. And Doris surprised me with one of my favorite desserts - apple pie with icing! Yum!

Sunday Doris and I had a very good time at church and later with her good friends. I am so happy they she has this nice group of ladies as friends. During lunch I enjoyed listening to their conversation. Some times they sounded like The Golden Girls TV show.

Since we were so close to my Aunt Ginny's & Uncle Allan's, we dropped in on them for a little visit. That was so fun - - I haven't "dropped in on them" for years and years. Not since we lived in Joliet and they in Dalton.

Monday was spent shopping for a little while and playing with Florine's two new kittens, Abby and Lucy. Abby is a small gray kitty with some stripes and some polka dots; Lucy is all black - just like Heidi's former cat, Shadow, except for one white whisker. Both cats are still adjusting to their new home. For dinner we were invited to dinner at Jack & Jean's - mutual friends of ours. Once again, we had fun looking at photos and telling/listening to stories. I'm so glad we have been able to maintain these friendships after so many years of living far apart.

Today when flying home, I had my camera all prepared to get some shots of the new Nascar track in Joliet, just 1/2 mile from our last home there, when I realized we weren't heading that way. Rather, we were heading right toward downtown Chicago. I couldn't believe how close we came to the tall buildings downtown. We followed the shores of Lake Michigan, and it was just beautiful! I tried to spot the Lincoln Park Zoo, but instead recognized Wrigley Field. It was really interesting. After passing more of the beautiful coastline, the pilot gradually pointed the aircraft toward Minnesota and home. It was a very nice weekend - - a very full weekend.

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