Sunday, September 24, 2006

More of Our Journey

We made it to Merrillville, Indiana, the first night. Sunday we drove through Michigan, crossing into Canada at Detroit. We spent the second night in London - that's London, Canada! The next day we re-entered the USA at Buffalo, New York. Because of a mistake I made in reading my map, we missed Niagara Falls by one exit. I felt stupid about the mistake, but realized the Falls aren't going to disappear soon, so there may be another time when I will see them. I'm not sure the kids would have appreciated seeing them at their young age. So onward we drove and slept our third night in Albany, New York. We found nice hotels and were happy to get out of the car to let the kids have some freedom from their confining car seats (mine too).

Tuesday around noon, we drove into Newport, Rhode Island, our final destination, and Rachel was able to drive right to their next residence - a house built in 1850 by Ezekial Crandall. The house is on the National Registry of Homes, as are most in the surrounding ten or twelve block area.

We spent Tuesday night at the US Navy Lodge as we had no furniture at that point.

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