Sunday, September 24, 2006


I was amazed at the neighborhood around Hans and Rachel's new abode. As I stated in an earlier entry, most of the houses are on the National Registry. They have some sort of plaque on them stating the year they were built and most likely the first resident. The oldest one I saw was 1719. Bear in mind, most of them have been restored and are just gorgeous! In my walk with my grandchildren, I fully expected to see Paul Revere coming around the corner!!

Oh, they are only two blocks from the harbor. On our stroll through the area, we walked toward the harbor one block, turned left, and walked about 6 blocks toward the center of town. At that point, we could see the large Hyatt Hotel on a pier, and docked next to it was the Queen Elizabeth 2, plus another large cruise ship. I'm telling you, this is very different from where I live.

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