Wednesday, November 05, 2014


In 2008 I purchased new windows for my home. What a difference they made! No longer did I need to have plastic coverings on the insides to keep out the cold air. And in summer, I could tell that my home stayed cooler. I have been very pleased, and have referred the window company to two friends. Well, in September, one friend—her home is right next door to mine—had new windows installed on her home and as a thank you, the company sent me a gift card to a local restaurant.

Coming home the day after my neighbor's installation, I stopped to admire her windows and then compared them to mine. Mine looked different than hers. Studying them, I figured it out. Mine were missing the outside trim. So I phoned the company and reported it. The owner called me back and said he had paid the installers for wrapping my windows and asked me to send a photo of them to him. A couple of days later, he called me to say he would send out someone out to install it. That was 4 weeks ago. Today they returned and installed the wrap. My windows look so nice now!

Stephanie's windows are on the left; mine (without wrap) are on the right.

My window, without the outside wrap.

Now my windows are wrapped and they look so nice.

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