Friday, November 07, 2014

Remodeling update number 1,548, or so it seems!

I have been posting a lot about the remodeling in our office. I guess that is because the whole process has been overwhelming for me—the noise, dust, packing, lifting, explaining where things are, etc. I really don't know how my son Hans has been enduring the process of updating his ship which has been in dry dock for a long time now. The noise and dirt, plus the disruptions for him and his crew have to be a thousand times worse than our situation.

Yesterday we got the word that we had to be completely out of our old kitchen, pantry and large conference room by the end of today. For a few of us, that meant stopping everything we were doing and begin packing, tossing, and then cleaning the vacated areas. I spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon scrubbing out all of the cupboards in this kitchen (in photos below). I went home very tired.

Then this morning I was given no notice to begin vacating our temporary reception area immediately. Many, many co-workers came down to help move the furniture we had put there in the interim. All of this had to be taken over to our new dining room, reception room, and into our new resource library. This meant more lifting and packing. Today I came home exhausted! Plans for tomorrow: NONE.

Our temporary reception room a couple of weeks ago

Dismantling the furnishing
Jeff wheeling out one of the chairs for our reception room

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