Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Beginning to move into our new dining room

Well, today we began moving some of our furniture into the new dining room. It will be interesting to see how everything fits, because this space is smaller than our previous one. Unfortunately, we were not able to get new carpet in this room. Old carpet from our former dining room was used here. It should look better once it gets shampooed.

These planters have been stored under plastic in our former lobby. They haven't had one thing done to them in the past 8 or more weeks. I think the plastic may have served to act like a terrarium. Except for a few yellow leaves, I think they'll be just fine. Tomorrow I'll give them a nice drink of water and try to wipe off some of the leaves. Where they will end up in our office is yet to be determined.

The construction workers, bless their hearts, dusted off the chairs and tables that were also stored under the plastic sheeting prior to putting them into our new dining room.

The last piece of furniture to come out of our old dining room was our vending machine. Here Jim, Dave and Dan prepare to move it, while Jennifer attempts to scrub more dust from it.

Of course, this is not the final placement, but for today it was good enough.

While plastic covered the plants, the bottoms of the planters were open and collected a ton of dust. What a cleaning job this is going to be!

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