Monday, November 10, 2014

Reception Desk

When we talked about our new reception desk and lobby area a while back, I had it pictured looking professional and welcoming. Well, for now, ours leaves a lot to be desired. After the quick move on Friday, this is what we ended up with and what I saw when I walked into our office this morning:

Not very attractive, is it? When one of our Vice Presidents came to work today, he made it known this was not acceptable. It wasn't long before he and two other VP's began moving things around and bringing back part of the systems furniture we used to have. In the process, I tripped over these many cords and fell on hands and knees. Ouch! I now have two bruised knees.

The new kitchen is also in a state of chaos. Check this out:

Part of the problem is the wrong upper cabinets were delivered and so we cannot put anything away until the new ones arrive. When will that be? Heaven only knows.

One more thing—we were forecast to get a lot of snow today, but thankfully the track of the storm moved north, and we only got just under two inches, but we also had rain and now we're dealing with a lot of ice. All of us had to chip it off our cars tonight. It's going to be a long winter . . .

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