Saturday, October 25, 2014


Saturday is a very important day of the week for me. After working Monday through Friday, it's really nice to sleep in for a little while.

The past four Saturdays have been full up with activities for me, and thus, my chores have been a bit neglected. This morning I made up for that. I cleaned my house, including putting my furnace filters in the dishwasher. I changed the sheets on my bed, and on and on.

Taking a break, I watched a couple of cooking shows while spending some time on the Internet. I had a feeling today might be the day for the open house at my favorite candy store, Regina's Candies. I looked it up and I was right, so I made up my mind to drive over to St. Paul to once again take the tour. I phoned a couple of friends to see if they wanted to go along with me, but they had other commitments. No matter, I took off on this very fine autumn day.

Again, there were small crowds of people eagerly waiting for their turn to take the tour. For me, it was my 4th time—first time was in 1992 (here is the post I added two years ago), but nonetheless, it was special. The candy store is celebrating 88 years in existence, and I find it heartwarming to hear the grandchildren (now one is the owner) reminisce over the way their grandfather met his wife early on while she was a clerk in his store. The story goes on with their father meeting his wife (their mother) who was also a clerk in his store. What a legacy – a family business with now great-grandchildren working there. Many of the instruments and kettles they use for making the candy were used by their grandparents. Even some of the counters in the store are from the first store.

The neighborhood around Regina's is very nice. There are many lovely homes and a few other businesses. Today the trees were particularly pretty and I enjoyed the carpets of fallen leaves on the walks and in the streets.

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