Friday, October 17, 2014

More excitement in our building!

Yesterday the two square holes in our lobby floor were prepared for cement. And then the cement truck arrived. Men with wheelbarrows came in and out the building, filling the two holes for the new footings that will help support the new floor.

This morning a large truck came with 5 huge new heating/AC units for our roof, followed by a gigantic crane that hoisted down the old ones and put up the new ones. That was quite an attraction!

Later this morning they moved our reception desk over into our new landlord’s space and we will be in this temporary space about 2 weeks. It is huge, and beautifully painted (3 gray walls and one fuchsia) with new gray carpet. I love it! I have the biggest space in the whole office!!

Oh wait, that's not all . . . later today they turned on one of the new heating units and it caused our fire alarm to be set off. Sure enough, here came the fire department! Thankfully, it was only from fumes of the oil burning off the new units and there was no fire.

Tomorrow the builders are bringing in huge steel beams that will be the support for the new floor upstairs, closing off the atrium to the first floor. I'm thankful that work will be done while we're away. The smell of the burning steel is not pleasant.

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