Saturday, October 25, 2014

Construction Update

We are now getting a feeling for what our new space on the first floor will look like. The landing, and the lower stairs going the opposite way from before, are being installed. The supports for the walls that will divide us from our new neighbors (also our new landlords) are in. This area (on the main floor) will be our new lobby, and the view from the new reception desk. It is vastly smaller and less impressive than our former lobby.

Dry wall was being installed next to the staircase at the time I left working yesterday. On Monday, cement will be piped upstairs to the new floor (on the upper left side of this photo) and on the new landing and steps (out of the photos, but at the bottom of this staircase). That should be interesting.

With everything that has been going on, one would think there would be some mishaps. I'm not sure how many have occurred, but noticed this one as I left the building. What happened? A drill bit slipped and created this crackled effect on one of our exterior windows. Oh, my!

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