Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Remodeling Update

Construction is still full tilt in our office. More and more spaces are being altered, but nothing is finished yet. We have dust all over everything. It's been interesting.

Earlier this week they cut the whole in our entry way that will become our new entrance.

Looking inside our new reception area

The construction crew arrived at 4 o'clock this morning so they could do more of the noisy work before our workday started. They have been very considerate. When I arrived, they were putting up plastic "drapes" to keep more of the dust corralled while they cut away a big part of the soffit.


Inside the cordoned off area, one can see the cut-outs in the soffit. 

Notice the bottom section of the stairway. This afternoon the carpet was removed from it. Tomorrow or Friday, that section will be cut away and soon will be attached 180 degrees from its present place. That will make everything ready for a new wall to go up next to the south side of the stairway, and the floor to be filled in above it. So long, impressive lobby.

This was our lobby before any construction began.

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