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My friends and I went to Gammelgården (old, small farm) yesterday for the Annie's Coffee event. Annie is the daughter of early immigrants who lived in the former parsonage of the Swedish church on the property—the first Swedish Lutheran church in Minnesota dating back to 1854—four years before Minnesota got its statehood. I have been there on several occasions, but it was a new experience for Laurey, Nancy and Sue. The drive up to Scandia was really pretty with the beautiful fall foliage on either side of the highway. 

Sue bought some Swedish socks in the gift shop because it was a bit chillier outside than she realized.

Laurey and Sue. At this event we celebrated Laurey's birthday! The Swedish ladies sang a birthday song to her in Swedish.

Yours truly and Nancy

On display in the party room were paintings of traditional Swedish costumes and other  treasures.

Coffee and pastries were served on pretty dinnerware.
Lynn, the tour guide, tells our group the struggles and triumphs of the early Swedish settlers.

First Swedish Lutheran church in Minnesota, Services continue to be held there.
Inside the church
Our Swedish ancestors planned well before leaving their homeland, deciding which tools and supplies to bring. This is inside the barn.

Laurey, Sue and Nancy inside the parsonage kitchen
The table set for a lunch. Notice the Swedish Bible on the left corner.

Inside the Stuga (a typical peasant house in Sweden). I love the design of the little home. I think it would make a wonderful cabin .
One of the two built in beds in the stuga.

The stuga kitchen with fireplace in the corner. The table can fold up tight against the wall, using the orange clip seen above the posters to keep it in place.

After stopping in Marine on St. Croix, we drove the the countryside to find Sal's, a restaurant out in the middle of corn fields. We sure enjoyed the delicious food! After lunch, we went to Willernie where I showed them my cousin Pat's house. Next: White Bear Lake to have some ice cream. It was a fun-filled day!

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