Monday, October 20, 2014

Our office dining room

Today the remodeling plan included beginning to cut into our dining room wall, getting ready for the new occupants. In getting ready, four very dirty, grimy dining room tables and 25 chairs were brought down to our temporary reception room so that we would have places to eat. That meant I had to get out the Pledge and some cloths and begin cleaning the dirty furniture. Our chairs have many spindles, some of which I don't think have been dusted in a very long time. So, I worked and worked on the furniture and got it shiny and clean. The temporary space is quite far from the major construction, so they should stay that way for awhile. Had I known this was going to be my job today, I would have worn some older clothes. Oh, well.

I had this treat for my eyes when I went to lunch: two gorgeous red maple trees that sit at the entrance to our parking lot. They're just stunning—my camera doesn't capture them very well.

This afternoon, the construction workers cut away at the dining room wall. They have been so good about covering things up that can get dirty and cleaning up after their work.

Later today, the welders returned to add more decking to the new steel beams. The odor and smoke from their work was making it difficult to stay, so one of the bosses told me to go home. I gladly left.

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