Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I sprained my right ankle badly on October 8, a month ago today. I thought it would be healed or nearly healed by now, but not so. This past Sunday I decided I would try to go to church sporting my new, black leather walking shoes I bought for the cruise. I was careful to walk slowly, used the elevator, and even sat during the pastor's morning prayer. Apparently I over-did it, and I sure payed for it. When I got home, my ankle was very swollen and painful. This was a hard lesson for me - I need to continue wearing this air cast and stay off my foot as much as possible. Can you tell I'm growing impatient? I want to know: how do the professional athletes do it? How do they injure themselves and then play hard the very next week? Maybe I need to hire a trainer!


Lil said...

I think I told you it took me over 6 months to recover from a bad sprain...much longer than a break would have been.

Still gorgeous down here. Have had company from Waseca and So. Dak. Been busy...

Much love, Lil

Pat said...

I can relate to being impatient with those kinds of things. There doesn't seem to be really much to do about it except "be patient." And with that being said I will also add--it seems like the older we get the longer it takes to recoup from these kinds of things. I know. I don't like it either--just sayin'