Friday, November 25, 2011

My Christmas Tree

Today I put up my Christmas tree — outside, on my patio. With Nels and his love of chewing electrical chords, plus the temptation of climbing, I decided this was a better home for it. I put it outside the French doors on the patio. The lights are on a timer — coming on a dusk and staying on for four hours. It's a solution that works for me. I also put my wreath on my door. Also, this year, most of my Christmas decorations — at least any of the ones with electrical chords — will be in my cottage. It's hard to believe Christmas is a month from today!


Pat said...

Good idea. Tree looks so pretty. It doesn't take up any room in the house either. Love it.

Heidi said...

Where is your snowman? Your tree looks great! I love the snow around it.