Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perk on my flight today

I took an early flight to Seattle today. To my delight, this flight was not crowded. I sat in my window seat and noticed the option of watching a movie on the screen in the back of the seat ahead of me. Scanning through the movies, I chose The Help. I had seen this a couple of months ago in the theater and at the conclusion of it, I said to my friend, "We have just seen this year's best movie!"
Well, after the usual announcements were made, I read the directions and proceeded to purchase the movie. It started, but I couldn't get any sound. I tapped and tapped on the control, but no sound would come. When I could get the attention of a flight attendant, she tried too, without success. We tried a second headset - still, no sound. Then we discovered the sound worked in the next seat over, so she told me if I would like to move there and purchase the movie again, she would get me some kind of a refund. I decided to do it.
When the flight was nearly over, she returned to my row and paused my movie. She said she couldn't give me my money back ($6), but I could get a voucher to be used on food or frequent flyer miles. I chose the miles. She gave me 2,500 miles! That was some refund!

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