Monday, October 31, 2011


Last week I checked with one of our Vice Presidents for permission to wear a costume at the front desk today. He asked me what I planned to wear. After telling him, he said it was okay. So today I wore curlers in my hair, covered by a curler bonnet, plus my pink, terry cloth bath robe.

The reaction: I got a lot of smiles and good comments. Was I comfortable? Yes, until into the morning a few hours, when the bonnet started feeling a bit tight around my ears, and the curlers began to itch. As for the robe - - it was very comfortable!

When Jim, the FedEx man brought in a package, I asked him where his costume was. He said - "Oh, I should have worn a UPS shirt!" Funny thing was, that's what the mailman said, too.

Here's wishing Josiah, Annika, Aurelia, Marshall, William and Felix and fun time!! Happy Halloween from Grandma D!


Lynn said...

Happy Halloween Aunt Donna! It was nice talking to you on the phone today.

DD4 said...

Lynn, it was nice talking to you, too!

Pat said...

Really fun. You look great. I like the cheerful fall decorations in the back. Halloween around here was quiet. Although we did go shopping and saw lots of workers in costume.

MamaD4 said...

If only you could wear your bathrobe to work every day, huh? Happy Halloween!