Monday, October 10, 2011

Going on a Big Trip - NYC and a 2 Week Cruise

The Statue of Liberty welcoming us.

This speaks for itself.

This is our hotel room.

Yours truly with Minnie Mouse

On a trip to New York many years ago, we went to the Ed Sullivan show. That night his guests were Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis.

Janet and the Reuben sandwich she and Pat shared

Look at the crowds - and this is an ordinary Friday night in Times Square!

Yours truly and Janet sitting on the glass stairs in Times Square

This guy was dressed in nothing but candy!

We tried to spot ourselves in this "live cam" on Broadway. We're way at the back, on the left.

On Friday, my sister, cousin and I boarded a plane with 30 other folks for a 3 day trip to NYC, followed by a 14 day cruise to New England and Canada. The trip was booked as a Fall Leaves Tour. We had looked forward to this for quite some time.

Flying over upstate New York (I had the window seat), I got to see the glorious fall colors of the forests below. There were brilliant reds, oranges and yellow. I took several photos, but one must have a much better camera than mine to catch the scene. Anyway, I loved it. Coming into New York City, the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan came into view. Wow! The sky was a clear blue, and the sight was gorgeous. Our destination was La Guardia, in Queens, Long Island. Many years ago, when I was just a little kid (10 years old), I got to New York to stay with my aunt and uncle, who at that time lived in Flushing, the suburb next to Queens.

After landing, we boarded a bus that took us to our hotel right in the heart of Time Square - the Crowne Plaza. It was a beautiful place! We got our room assignments, checked them out, and left to see what there was to see in Times Square. The rest of the afternoon and evening were up to us - free time. We chose to eat dinner at Carnegie Deli. Now, this is a well known restaurant with photos and autographs of famous people on all the walls. One of my cousin's granddaughters who works in NYC, met us for dinner. When our food came, we were shocked at the portion size. Janet and Pat shared a Reuben. It was HUGE! I should have split it with them, but instead ordered a salami sandwich, which I have to say, was a disappointment.

Following our dinner - or what we ate of it. We walked around more of Time Square. This is a "happening" place! We considered going to a Broadway show, but passed on it because we didn't think we could stay awake for it. That is one of our regrets. Looking back, we should have done it.

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