Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Flohmarkt

Beautiful harp

Look at these incredible antique hair dryers!

Statue in the castle courtyard

Josiah by a bell in the courtyard

Castle colonnades

This morning I went to the Protestant Services at the chapel on the base. We had sung a couple of congregational songs and the little choir had sung their anthem and then the pastor asked us to stand for the reading of the scriptures. At the conclusion of the text, he asked us to pray, but was interrupted with a series of beeps on the PA, followed by instructions both in English and German telling us it was a fire alarm and to evacuate the building and remain outside until the firetrucks arrived. I stood on the perimeter for about 10 minutes, listening to some of the conversation going on. I heard one person say he had been attending the church for 10 years, and had never experienced this before. Since I knew no one, I decided to walk home. I never did see the firetrucks.

This afternoon Rachel and Josiah took me to the spring flea market in downtown Stuttgart. It was huge - and so much fun! I loved looking at the booths and hearing all of the Germans conversing. I ran into a real find - 3 green stemmed wine glasses (The green stems mean the grapes were grown along the Rhine River.), to replace a couple I had purchased in Germany back in 1977, but have since broken). Price: 50 euro cents each! I also got two Danish Christmas Plates: 1986 and 1987. Price: 6 euro each. Score!

After walking around for awhile, we stopped in the courtyard of an old castle and had a treat. In the distance we could hear an amazing choir at a music festival in a museum. What fun!

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Pat said...

How fun!! I would have loved to have been there with you. I know exactly what kind of wine glasses you are talking about. I have a few.

Sounds like the church service fire drill was unique.

We will need to get together after you are home so I can hear all about the trip and see pictures. Oh yeh--and the new car.

Continue to enjoy yourself over there. Thinking about you.