Monday, May 17, 2010

School Day

Annika at her schoolroom door

Reading before school

Josiah listening to his classmates singing Happy Birthday!

The children enjoyed this special dessert.

He's happy!

Annika at preschool

Josiah jumping the hop scotch after being shown how by Hans.

Here's Hans!

This morning was the first time ever for me to walk one of my grandchildren to school. I work with several women who have grandchildren nearby and they attend a lot of programs at their grandchildren's schools. I finally got to feel a little of what it is like. A little later in the morning Rachel and I walked Annika to her preschool, also on the base. Then we walked over to Josiah's school to have lunch with him in the school cafeteria. We brought cupcakes along for the class to celebrate Josiah's 6th birthday which is on Wednesday. We're taking the kids out of school for the next few days to go to a resort on the Germany/Austria border.


Jan said...

Sure am loving the pictures, Donna! So fun to see pix of Rach! We sure have gorgeous grandkids!
Hans...definitely need you to teach me proper hopscotching!
HAVE FUN! Keep those pix and stories coming!

pete said...

Love the pictures, Donna! Thanks! We sure have gorgeous grandchildren! Really appreciate seeing pix of Rach too! And Hans...I need you to show me proper hopscotching, I guess.

Donna, keep on having fun. Kisses to everyone from us!

From Jan