Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Photos

On Sunday we went to a lovely park in Stuttgart. Annika enjoying being twisted in this basket-type ride.

Josiah spent a lot of time with this pail and chain lift, filling the buckets with sand and dumping them into a strainer. The boy on the left spoke only German. Josiah was trying to communicate with him, but the conversation was going nowhere.

One day Annika played one of her reading and learning CDs for me. Both she and Josiah are smart as a tack! They are good singers, too.

Rachel and Will - so sweet!

Last night Hans took Annika and me to the PX at another base. It is similar to a small department store. Annika had $1 to spend and knew even before we got there that she wanted to buy lip balm. It was so funny - she knew exactly where to go. We wound through several cosmetic aisles before we came to the lip care products. She has no concept of what things cost, so she chose a package that had 8 lip balm tubes in it. "This is the one I want." Hans took it to a scanner and it was way more than $1. He then checked those with 3 tubes, 2 tubes and 1 tube. The packages with 1 tube were what she could afford. She was so darling when she opened her little Hello Kitty purse and took out the dollar bill and gave it to him. I treasure these times!

Since I have been here, Will has begun sitting up by himself for 20 minutes or longer. He is changing every day in one way or another.

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