Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sweet, sweet Marshall

I have loved being with Marshall, Heidi, Chad and Brian this past week. Just this morning I heard him crying in his bedroom which is next to the guest room. I got up, changed him, and handed him off to my sister while I prepared a bottle for him. Then I took him back to his room to feed him. During this time, he took hold of my hand and clutched it tight. These are the memories that I take home with me - and his sweet, spontaneous smile. I don't recall a baby who breaks into a smile as easily as Marshall.

It has been fun seeing him interact with Brian. I should say it has been so interesting to see how Brian is tolerant as Marshall climbs on him, touches his dog tags, pulls at his ears or fur. I never expected that kind of behaviour. This seems unusual to me.

It's a joy to see each of my kids as parents. All of them are doing a fantastic job! And what treasures they are giving me.

Marshall, I shall miss you and eagerly look forward to the next time we get to be together. I'm sure you'll be walking by then - and probably saying a few words.


MamaD4 said...

I'm glad that you had a good time with the Gilberts!

C. Randy said...

Me too! ...and I'm glad you made it back here safely - it was waaaaaaaay too boring/quiet around here - we MISSED YOU!! Hope your catch-up time with work goes smoothly, too! ;-D)