Saturday, July 11, 2009

Project Completed

For a few months, I have needed to replace something because the one I had, which wasn't that old, was beginning to peel. This afternoon I put it on my shopping list and headed for Home Depot. I looked at the options, hemmed and hawed, and finally made my selection. After crossing off the rest of the things on my list, I went home, changed out of my good clothes, got out my tools, and started my project. Removing the old one was no easy task. I struggled and struggled, both with and without my glasses, and finally got it off. Wah lah! Now for the new one. I took it out of the box, lined it up, and guess what? It was too big! Argh! I changed my clothes, got my car out of the garage, and took off for Home Depot.

I must compliment the clerks at my local Home Depot. Talk about helpful. They do everything but come to your home to do your job. In about a minute, my refund was made, and I returned to the department to make another selection - this time with the right dimensions. I was pleased to see the smaller one was about $18 less! I marched to the check-out line (the second time this afternoon), flashed my plastic, and headed home to finish my project.

After changing my clothes, I opened the box and put my new purchase in place to install it. What? Not again! This time the hardware wouldn't line up. I was getting frustrated now. With my room torn up, I found my receipt for the store's phone number, and called to be sure they would still be open. I once again put on my good clothes, got the car out of the garage, and headed for Home Depot, setting the trip meter when putting the car in gear. I was curious to see how many miles I was chalking up to accomplish this task. It turned out the mileage was only 4.4 miles one way, so it wasn't that far.

I walked into the store, explained to a clerk that this was my third trip out here today and asked if someone could help me. Sure enough, a kind man took me to the right department, opened a package to see if the hardware would fit, and once again, after checking out, I was on my way home.

As they often say, third time's a charm! I now have a new toilet seat in my bathroom.


Sarita said...

It isn't a home improvement project without at least two trips to the hardware store. That's half the fun!
Good job Donna!

MamaD4 said...

I was wondering what the mysterious item was...

This is the only reason I'm not looking forward to being a homeowner again. Hans would have been throwing screwdrivers after the first trip!

Pat said...

Must be home improvement week. Between you & Sarah jobs are getting done. Better be careful--someone may want to hire you. I can't believe you kept changing clothes. I have been known to go in my sloppy, paint stained sweats to a home improvement store.