Monday, July 13, 2009

Farmer's Market

My friend, Bonnie

Take a look at the chocolates!

My bouquet

Yesterday after church I got to go to the Farmer's Market in the warehouse district of Minneapolis with my dear friend, Bonnie. She often goes twice a month and has been raving about it. When she invited me to join her, I gladly accepted.

The market is huge, and very well organized. There were hundreds of booths featuring clothing, jewelry, leather goods, garden decorations, plants, cut flowers, vegetables, fruit, pop corn - both cheesy and kettle corn, huge, fresh - still warm - frosted cinnamon rolls. Bonnie and I shared one. It was nearly the size of a dinner plate! I also had fresh squeezed lemonade. After downing most of that, nothing else tempted me, including a couple of stands with home-made chocolates.

I bought a gorgeous bouquet for only $4. It was totally arranged and is making quite a statement at my desk today.


Sarita said...

I love the farmer's market! (It is always so crowded on the weekends though)

Minneapolis Farmers Market said...

Thanks for coming to our market. Your flower photos are gorgeous!

Pat said...

Farmer's markets are the best!! We usually go to St. Paul's very early (6:30 am) on some Saturdays. Have not been there yet this year but will probably go this Sat. This market looks fantastic. I would love to go there.

MamaD4 said...

Is there any better photo op than an outdoor market? Lovely pics. Did you buy any fruits or veggies? My mouth is watering, thinking of the tomatoes and sweet corn. I really should make the effort to walk down to Vaihingen's outdoor market on Saturday!

DD4 said...

I bought kolrabi and the flowers.