Saturday, July 11, 2009


Before I went to Seattle and again this morning, I have heard a little wren singing outside my home. He has a beautiful song. I blogged about it back on June 20: Retreat. Just moments ago I walked to my kitchen and spotted the wren on my patio lattice. Then he flew toward my patio wall. I moved over to the window by Peppi's cage so I could better see him and discovered little twigs sticking out of my hat birdhouse! I continued to watch and the little wren landed on the birdhouse perch and proceeded through the entry hole. I have hung that bird house there every spring for the past six or more years. Never before has a bird taken up lodging in it.

Now what? Are there baby wrens inside? Is Mama Wren inside, sitting on eggs? Will I be fortunate to witness baby wrens?

For years I have called male cardinals "Henry" and females "Henrietta." What should I name Papa Wren? Any ideas? This is so exciting!

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