Saturday, July 04, 2009

Poulsbo, Washington

What a good, little traveler Marshall is. He slept most of the way to Poulsbo, and when awake, he talked and sang to himself. We had no problem finding our way - thanks to Map quest. The scenery was really pretty - lots of fir trees, some lupine, and at one point in Bremerton, we saw three US Navy aircraft carriers in port. We drove over a lovely bridge in Tacoma that is similar to the Golden Gate Bridge - very beautiful (hope to post photos soon with Heidi's help)!

Poulsbo is a small town that is quite picturesque. In its harbor are lots of sailboats with the Olympic mountains in the distance. The main street has gorgeous hanging baskets of flowers - full and over-flowing. Probably due to the 4th of July holiday, there were big American flags everywhere, as well as Norwegian flags. Many of the store-fronts looked European. We went in one Norwegian store and saw a big display of Laurainne Snelling's books - The Red River and Return to Red River series from Bethany House. They were currently out of Annika's Secret Wish by Beverly Lewis. In several stores, clerks and customers told us how cute Marshall was. We had a delicious lunch in a bar and grill. Marshall had his bottle and I had a California burger which may have been the best hamburger I have ever eaten!

I didn't buy much, just a couple of books for Marshall and some delicious cookies (for me) in one of the bakeries. This particular bakery had rosettes and lefse. I was tempted to buy some rosettes to take home with us for Heidi and Chad, but decided against it, since they are fragile.

We left to come home a little earlier than planned because it had gotten so hot outside. I'm glad we did because the traffic was a lot heavier going home.


-Peder said...

It sounds lovely.

Pat said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures--although you descriptions gave me a mental view.