Monday, July 06, 2009

Mount St. Helens

We're still enjoying our stay in Seattle. Yesterday we spent some time downtown wandering through Pike's Place Market, which is always fun. We had some lunch at a local deli, and for a beverage, I treated myself to some Grape Crush in a glass bottle. For me, that and Coca Cola in glass bottles are like fine wine. As always, the flowers in the market are beautiful. During this visit, bountiful bouquets of sweet peas were in each shop. There were also lilies and peonies, plus filler. Heidi bought a nice bouquet of sweet peas - pink, purple and white. She also bought fresh white peaches. Janet bought some gift items, and Heidi did too.

Today we drove south to Mount St. Helens. The weather forecast was for partly cloudy - and it ended up being wrong. We drove through rain a good part of the way. The drive to the mountain was really neat. There were thousands and thousands of wildflowers - such as lupine and daisies. When we got to the observation building at Johnston Ridge, the sun came out, and most of the clouds moved away from the mountain. We could see the big crater, and all but the very top ridge. In the observation building we watched a video of the volcano eruption - which occurred May 18, 1980. It was a powerful film. They said in the ten days following the volcano, ash from the eruption circled the earth. I remember ash on our cars in Austin. It was amazing. (Photos will be added soon.)

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Mt. St. Helen's erupted too. Later that summer we drove to California for the NACC with the Bible Bowl team. We brought home a couple of 2 litre pepsi bottles filled with ash. That has come in handy for various children's homework projects. It has impressed the grandchildren also. Donna