Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Visit to the Tower at Sea Tac

Tonight Heidi, Marshall and I got to go to the tower at Sea Tac for Heidi to introduce Marshall to some of her co-workers. Marshall made a big impression, and was very well behaved. Everyone gathered around him - well at least those who weren't involved with any aircraft landing or taking off. Heidi works with some very nice people.

I have been up in the tower once before in Seattle and a couple of times when she worked the tower in Baton Rouge. I find it fascinating. This time a supervisor offered an opportunity for me to listen in to the two-way conversations of one controller who was controlling the landing and taking off portion. Except for him speaking so fast, I could understand most of what he was saying. They never ask questions like, "Are you sure you have enough fuel?" Everything is business - short and sweet. Even though the night was foggy, planes still land.

I think Marshall had a good time, and I could tell her co-workers miss Heidi and respect her.


I Love Barbershop said...

I am very glad you got this chance to be in Seattle. You have made some wonderful memories with your family there. The pictures are really great.
Have a very safe trip home.

C. Randy said...

Yes Donna, thanks for all your pics and reports! (enjoyed 'em all!)....but we're all looking forward to your soon n'safe return! ;-D)