Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Birthday Bash

Saturday many from my family gathered at Janet and Jerry's for the November birthdays. This year Rachel, Josiah and Annika were able to join us, which was so nice. Aunt Liz and I rode down together. Shortly after we arrived, Rachel and the kids came. It worked out nice so that Aunt Liz, Jerry and Janet got to see them individually before the "action" started. By action, I mean the entertainment the kids provided once Aurelia arrived.

Janet brought out one of her American Girl Dolls - Bitty Baby - and immediately Aurelia took her out of the little high chair and hugged her and patted her on the back. Prior to that, Annika hadn't paid too much attention to the doll. Well, soon we got to see the little girls have a little difference of opinion as to which one should be holding her. Aurelia has the most expressive eyebrows. When Annika took the dolly from her, Aurelia showed a big scowl on her face. Peder and Sarah cracked up. The girls were very good about sharing things - most of the time. Never did either of them break into crying.

Josiah loves little ones, so he gave Aurelia a lot of attention. My Aunt Liz loved having him recite his German numbers from one to twenty. And Sarah made a video of him reciting the little story "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" - at least, I think that's the title. He even does it with choreography. It's so cute.

When it came time to get things ready for dinner, Annika helped me put the candles in the cake - all without my help. She did a great job! We included one candle for our newest family member, Marshall, born last Wednesday, Jerry (birthday was yesterday), Sarah (20th) and Peder (21st). All in all - the day was perfect (well, except Hans, Heidi, Chad and Marshall and Cousin Pat didn't get to come).

Did I cherish this party - yes, indeed!


Lindsey said...

It looks like a great get together!

Josiah's smile in the fourth picture reminds me of Hans.

Congratulations on becoming a grandma again, Donna!


Anonymous said...

Great pix Donna. I loved seeing the little ones & watching them--They are all so cute & smart!!You can be really proud of them!!LOVE AUNT LIZ