Monday, November 10, 2008

Special Days Off from the Office

Last night Rachel, Josiah and Annika's plane arrived from Germany. I was at the airport to meet them and help Rachel with the kids while she rented a vehicle. When they came down to baggage claim, I could see them through the glass doors. As the doors opened, Josiah ran to me and hugged me saying, "Hi, Grandma! We came to see you!" It was so cute. Annika was in the stroller and I'm not sure she remembered me as she shied away. I was at their home in May, but she is only 2 3/4 and just may not have remembered me. Also, they looked very tired. Josiah told me they had two flights - one long one and one short one. It wasn't long before she was chatting away.

I took today and tomorrow off so I could spend some time with them. This morning we stopped at my office so I could show them off to everyone. Then we were headed to Target - their all-time favorite store. But on the way the kids fell sound asleep, so Rachel decided we could go for a drive. It was fun riding past their first house in St. Paul.

Target was a fun experience. I'm still dealing with the Plantar Fasciitis (argh!), so I drove one of the automated carts. What a great service for those who have difficulty walking. Thankfully (and hopefully) for me, this is only temporary. Each of the kids got to pick out a toy for a treat.

This afternoon Josiah and Annika are at home with me and we sent Rachel out to shop by herself. I'm sure she is having a good time. Tonight we are all having dinner with Sarah, Peder and Aurelia. What a wonderful day off - spending time with off with my family.

On another note, Heidi & Chad's baby is due in five days. I pray all goes well with the delivery.

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Lynn said...

Please take and post some pictures.