Monday, November 03, 2008

Getting Relief

It's been almost three weeks since I got out of bed in the morning and felt like I had broken bones in both heels. After five days, I went to the doctor, where he confirmed what I had learned on the Internet: Plantar Fasciitis. He instructed me to go to a good shoe store and purchase inserts for my shoes to support my very high arch and sore heels, which I did, to the tune of $180 due to having to purchase new shoes that would handle the new inserts. Also, he told me to ice my feet every three waking hours, which I have been doing.

Update: my left foot seemed to heal right away with the new inserts, but the right foot has been just as painful as it was when this all started. I have been limping along; staying seated at the last two choir rehearsals; missed singing in the service yesterday, and even been taking the elevator at work (I vowed I would never do this unless on a stretcher) - which has been known to get stuck - once for an hour an a half! Saturday when Pat and I went to a big discount store to buy bins and organizers for my cottage closet, I drove around in a motorized cart!

Today I saw my doctor again and after hearing my complaints, he offered to shoot some cortisone in my foot. I took him up on the offer. Immediately after the shot, I felt relief, but he warned me that after the numbing left, I would need to use ice again. It should feel lots better by tomorrow. I also bought a Strassburg sock, which I'll start wearing tonight when I go to bed. This sock forces your foot to stay in a stretched position while you sleep, helping you heal.


MamaD4 said...

Donna, I really hope that you feel better very soon. Your poor little feet! When they get all better, treat yourself to a fancy pedicure.

Lynn said...

I too, hope you feel better real soon. How does one get something like that?