Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mall of America Photos

Josiah having fun at Lego Land

What are the chances of running into Chris and Allison at the Mall of America?!

Josiah working on puzzle.

Rachel and the kids on the Merry-go-round

My mode of transporation

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C. Randy said...

Hey, yeah, what a fun time at the MOA, no doubt!

I'm well familiar with those electric carts, my dad has been using one for a couple-three years, every time he goes to the grocery store.

BTW, who's Chris and Allison? (do I know them, or are they friends of yours? Or, Ha - worse yet, did I stick my big foot in my mouth because I'm "s'posed to know them!"!? :)

Well, like I say when I run into folks that I/we know... "See, it's a small mall after all!"

Good for you -
I'm glad to hear (and see!) you had a fun time with your grand kids....oh, yeah, and of course Rachel :)