Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Christmas Season Has Begun

This morning we had a special choir rehearsal in preparation for our Christmas concerts next week. Following the rehearsal, the women in the choir were invited to our annual Christmas brunch which was hosted this year at Barb's lovely home. I can't begin to recount how wonderful this entire event was, but will try to show you with photos.

Pat, putting the finishing touches on one of the five dining tables. Each and every table had lovely Swedish touches. Also, there were five decorated Christmas trees throughout the home.

I love the pepparkaka (ginger cookies) on the wooden tree! See the little red and white hearts at each place setting? Each of us got to take one home! We each got a poinsettia plant, too.

Barb (hostess) and her two granddaughters dressed in the Santa Lucia (lighted wreaths on their heads) costumes. They graciously helped serve the tables. 

In the foreground is another of the lovely tables. The ladies at the counter are putting the finishing touches on the smörgåsbord.

Mona and Carin. Carin immigrated from Sweden. I love her accent! She is wearing an authentic Swedish costume.

Judy, Marianne, Lynn and Barb

L to R: Yvonne, Linda, Debra, Bonnie

Our smörgåsbord started with this delicious drink (non-alcoholic).

Part of the smörgåsbord .

I love Barb's figures of carolers.

L to R: Lorraine, Christa, Nancy, Pam

L to R: Lisa, Mischelle, and Lorraine

Nancy and Pat

L to R: Kathy, Corie, Connie, Terrie, Lisa

At this table, L to R: Mona, Louise, Janet, and Carin

L to R: Joanne, Barb, Jenny, Linnea

After our brunch, we gathered in the family room and had a delightful program which consisted of hearing about the way the Swedish celebrate Santa Lucia Day, Christmas eve, Christmas Day, and the days that follow; telling Ole and Lena jokes,;singing Christmas carols (oh, the harmony of these women - sopranos, altos and tenor). Yes, 3 of the tenors in our choir are women! Joanne (above) played the piano for our singing. She is fabulous!!! There were drawings for prizes, too. What a grand party!


Pat said...

LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! The tablesettings, the decor, the food, the costumes are remarkable. It had to have been the best party. I am envious.

Pam said...

It was a fabulous event and really kicked off the Christmas season with lots of meaning and the warmth of special friends. Thanks for sharing our fun time, Donna!

MamaD4 said...

How long did it take you to find all the correct umlauts and accents to type the word smorgasbord?!

Very neat party--you have the most talented and lovely friends (and they have a talented and lovely friend too, of course!).