Monday, December 24, 2012

A Quiet Christmas


Thinking back to some of the past Christmases, I remember rushing here and there, wrapping packages, baking cookies, making candies, directing Christmas cantatas, singing in concerts,  preparing big dinners, attending Christmas pageants, and so on. One particular year, 1988, I had been home from the hospital (neck surgery) just 9 days, but was still very weak. My dear friends, Lil and Jim, came to our home and fixed dinner for us. Another year - one of the four years Heidi was in college, I spent the day alone. I think Peder may have been in Colorado Springs that year, and Hans was unable to come home. I remember staying home and making a special recipe for a cake to feed the birds. I had two cats, Shadow and Sebastian. We had such a good time watching the birds come to our deck to devour that Christmas bird cake.

This will be another one of those quiet Christmases. After having gynecological surgery on Friday,  I am home and resting. My home is cozy, and I have plenty of food, movies, books and supplies. One benefit I hadn't had in those past years was Internet service. That one word has sure made our world smaller.

Merry Christmas to all!


-Peder said...

That would have been '97 then. I hope that you have a comfortable Christmas day tomorrow!

I Love Barbershop said...

I, as will the rest of my family, miss you tomorrow. I know you will be okay.
I love You, Jan