Sunday, December 09, 2012

Concert Weekend

For five straight days, I have been at my church - either rehearsing for our annual Christmas concert, or performing in them – 3 of them. It took some patience and extra time to get to church for the Friday concert, due to snow and slick roads. I think it may have kept some concert-goers from attending. For the Saturday night performance, I was so happy that Rachel's parents came, as well as her aunt and uncle. They have been doing this for many years now, and I really appreciate it. I was happy they could stick around to visit for awhile after the concert was over.

This morning I woke up to heavy snow, and I feared the predictions of six inches was going to come true. After our morning service, I decided to stay close by the church so I wouldn't have to make the drive home and back in the heavy snow. One of my friends lives a couple of miles from our church and offered to have me come over to relax at her home. I'm really glad I did. The snow kept falling and we easily had eight inches on the ground by the time we needed to return to church for our third and final concert. My brother and sister made the decision to stay home because of the warnings being given in their area for "no travel." It was probably good that they did.

My two nieces in Austin, plus their daughters, drove up for the concert today and got there just a few minutes after the concert started. I'm so glad they made it safely. I really enjoyed our get-together after the concert concluded. It was fun for me to show them around our church. After they left, I proceeded to the choir room to put away my music and hang up my robe. That's when I discovered the key to my locker, which I had pinned to my waistband, was missing! What's in my locker? My purse! I immediately began retracing my steps with my nieces throughout a big part of our church. I looked and looked, but came up empty handed. In my search, I spotted a custodian and told him my situation, and he began to help me. My back-tracking took me to the first place I went following pinning it to my clothes - our practice room. There it was on the floor! Thank You, Lord! 

After going upstairs for my purse and coat, I walked out to the parking lot. There was my car – one of three left in the lot – with at least 12 inches of snow all over it. There was also a drift behind it. I had only a snow brush, so set to working on clearing it off – doing the best I could. After working at least a half hour, I felt confident I could make a go of it. I put it in reverse, and voila! I made it to the road and slowly proceeded on my drive home. The roads were dicey, only one of the two lanes usable, but everyone was driving decently and I finally made it home. What a relief!

On a happy note, Nels is loving this snow. Before church this morning, and again this evening, he has spent a lot of time out in the porch, fascinated with the snow that is stuck to the screens and watching mice that are burrowing under the snow outside the porch.

And that was my concert weekend.

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MamaD4 said...

I have three little ones here who are very excited about all the snow! It sounds like we'll be borrowing those snow pants...