Monday, December 10, 2012

Snowy Scenes

We had about 12 inches of new snow yesterday and overnight. I must admit it was very picturesque this morning against a clear, blue sky.

As I mentioned before, Nels loves spending time out in the porch, no matter the temperature. This morning it was 6 degrees (actual) with a wind chill of minus 10. He begged and begged to go out, so I opened the door and he darted out. After about 2 minutes, I opened the door, expecting him to tear back in, but no, he stayed out for a good 20 minutes or so before coming in. Once in, he took a couple of bites of his breakfast and asked to go outside again. He's like a little kid!

Stepping out with him just before leaving for work, I shot this photo:

Nels did some really cute moves in attempting to knock down the snow that had clung to the screen, but every time I tried to take his picture, he would jump down and run toward me. I managed to get just one shot of him on the railing.

The snow had gathered in an interesting way on the Visitor Parking signs:

The children who live in the apartment building across from our office building must have had a ball playing in the new snow yesterday. They created this rather interesting fort of big snow balls:

I wasn't surprised when Nels wanted to go outside again when I came home for lunch. It was fun watching him rolling around on the cold cement. He's goofy! :-)

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