Sunday, September 30, 2012

I suppose it was bound to happen . . .

Standing outside my car on the passenger side in the parking lot at church this morning, I began to rip off a new sheet of sticky paper on my roller brush to remove any cat hair from my black slacks, when the roller fell to the ground. While bending down to retrieve it, the car door gently closed - with my purse and choir folder inside. Yep, I had already pushed the "lock" on my remote and carefully put it back into my purse! So efficient was I, and so stupid! Instantly I knew I was in trouble. On any other Sunday, I could have walked into church, gotten another choir folder with music for the morning, and gotten a ride home with a friend after our service concluded—but NOT today! Today I was scheduled to leave our church immediately after the music portion of the service and drive 50 miles north to give my faith story at the church of a friend. I needed my car - my purse and my written faith story - sitting on the front seat.

What to do? I hurried into the church and found a choir mate. I told her my situation and she said, "I'll drive you home. Let's go." Someone overheard her and replied, "Let's get a non-choir member to drive her home." One of the husbands of our altos graciously drove me home where I got my spare keys and got back to the church in about a half hour. Wonderful! I'm happy to report the rest of the morning went just fine.

Steeple of the church in Wyoming, Minnesota

The fall color on my drive this morning was just wonderful!

I'm blessed with pretty color in my backyard, too.

This is the view from inside my cottage today. It's lovely.

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MamaD4 said...

Hmmm. I'm kind of surprised that the car would lock you out. I suppose it's because the button was already pushed. I know that for Hans' car, I have to physically have the key outside before I can touch the pad and lock it, because you don't need a physical key to start the car, I often leave it in my purse. If I leave the key in my purse and try to lock the car, it won't lock.

And that's probably WAY more than you want or need to know about Hans' car's locking mechanisms!

Glad you got help and were able to make your second church service!