Friday, September 14, 2012

A Gray Room

Last Saturday my friends and I stopped at my cousin Pat's to see what she and Pudge have been doing to Aunt Liz's house – in particular, the downstairs, where a new kitchen and bathroom have been finished. Both look so nice! Good job, cousins! Pat had told me she was going to paint the bathroom walls gray. "Gray? Are you sure?"

After leaving her home, I began thinking about my guest bath. It has gray ceramic tile surrounding the tub, which I have always ignored in my decorating. "I wonder . . . . How does one decorate with gray?" A few days later I was still thinking about it and decided to Google "Decorating with gray." I was surprised to see so many sites with albums of photos of rooms using gray as the main focus.  Should I?

Wednesday night I had about 40 minutes to spare before the start of our choir rehearsal. I headed off to a favorite store, grabbed a cart and headed straight to the towels. Yes, they had many styles in gray. I made my selections, and headed to another part of the store where I chose a few more things, and then headed to the checkout. I was pleased to have been so fortunate to quickly find things that I like.

Last night I had time to remove the tired, old decor and replaced it with the new, plus I used some items I already had. Once the furnishings were in place, I stepped back and critiqued everything. I liked it and proceeded to remove the price tags. I have only 3 items to return!


MamaD4 said...

Gray is very popular now...our homeowners told us we could paint if we wanted to. I didn't like the beigy-pink color of our bedroom, and they happened to have a can of gray paint, so I painted our bedroom gray. It's very light and blue-based and I think it looks great with the white woodwork in the room. I like it, and the paint was free!

(I joked to Hans that I painted our room battleship gray so he'd feel at home in it!)

Heidi said...

I have a dark grey bathroom. Maybe I should paint my bedroom grey...
Your bathroom looks very nice mom!

E Manders said...

We have all sorts of shades of gray going on in our house right now as we prepare it for renters (I think we're at 3 and counting - ha!). I love what you did with your bathroom! Very nice.