Sunday, September 16, 2012

My first porch party!

Last night I hosted my first porch party. What a fun evening! Once my new porch was completed, I had envisioned a dinner party such as this.

On Wednesday of this week, the high was a mere 56 degrees, with lots of wind and rain. But the forecast for Saturday held true — we had a high of 82, low humidity, and the only breeze was from the west. Since my porch faces east, I knew using candles was going to be no problem.

I had planned my menu early, including three recipes I have made many times, giving me more time to concentrate on my decorating. Over several weeks I had been planning what I would use and where. Friday evening I made my main dish and raspberry/cranberry salad and stashed them in the refrigerator. Saturday morning I took off for a bakery for my breads and then got a great deal on fresh roses at a local grocery store.

In the early afternoon I peeled the apples and put together the apple dumplings, using my mom's recipe. I have loved these as long as I can remember.

Dumplings assembled and ready to pop in the oven.

Once the dumplings were baking, I began setting my table. All week long I had planned on using my Desert Rose pattern dishes. To my dismay, I couldn't find the dinner plates. I looked everywhere and never found them. So I moved to plan B - the plain white set. Things came together quite nicely, and about 30 minutes before my guests were expected, I sat in the shade of my backyard, taking a much needed breather. A neighbor came over to say hello, and then noticed my porch. I took her in and she really liked it. She asked her high school daughter to run home to get the camera. She told me it inspired her to have a porch dinner party, too.

My guests arrived and immediately went to see my porch. It pleased me that they were so excited. Soon we sat down to dine. 

Debra and Bonnie

Laurey and Nancy

We had a great time of visiting and laughing – and eating. And there were NO mosquitoes! That's a huge blessing. As the evening progressed, the sun had gone down and the candle light made my porch so cozy. Especially nice was my candle chandelier.

Apple dumpling a la mode (It was a hit!)

View from the back yard (just because)

I hope to have many more dinners out here over the years. It was so much fun!


MamaD4 said...

Love the chandelier! I'm sure that you will have many more lovely porch parties!

Pat said...

Lovely!!! Everything turned out so great. The porch looks amazing--so pretty. The table looks so very nice. Can't find your Desert Rose dishes?? Isn't that a puzzle? I see you brought out the kitchen table. That looks very nice also. So glad you are enjoying your porch.