Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last Days of Summer

We're just about to say good-bye to summer. I won't miss the 90 degrees days, that's for sure. This past week has turned chilly, enough so for me to turn on my furnace. I don't take it for granted that  I have it easy – compared to my ancestors – heat or A/C on command. Pretty nice.

Along with the coming of autumn, leaves are changing color, and sadly, some have fallen. An unusual stem of pods was included in the beautiful bouquet given to me by my friend Bonnie at my porch party last Saturday. She told me the woman who sold it to her called it an Oscar. All but the Oscar has faded and was tossed out. I used it along with some of my silk fall trimmings where it is now on display at the reception desk in my office. Hopefully it will dry and last for awhile.

This unusual stem has brought about much conversation at work. After searching the Internet, I can now tell you the name: Asclepias physocarpus. It is commonly called Balloon plant or Swan plant.  If you care to, you can read about it here.

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Pat said...

Those pods are very unusual. Pretty bouquet. I can see where it makes the desk very cheery.