Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Please, hang on!

It's probably because I know what follows autumn, but I'm trying desperately to hold on to fall—to take in as much of the beauty as I can. Just yesterday we had terrific winds and many, many of the beautiful leaves on the trees in my yard fell. Leaving for work, for a minute I thought it was raining and considered going inside for my umbrella, but then I realized it was the falling leaves.

Today this tree is barren of leaves. The ground is covered with a gold carpet. It's really sad. Oh, how I wish they would stay on the trees longer!

I have lived in my present home over 14 years, but for some reason, I seem to forget the "scenic" way to places to north. But in the past two weeks, I have made it a point to take this route so I can enjoy the sights. It is truly beautiful,

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Pat said...

The colors have been awesome around here also. The sunshine and nice weather have made it even more brilliant. I hate to see it go. Been loving it.