Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or Treat

Initially, after coming to the window to see who was ringing the doorbell, Ray turned to Nancy, his wife, to say she needed to get the candy for a bunch of kids at the door. He wondered who the crazy kids were who came a day early. "Trick or Treat," we chanted, as the surprised Ray opened the door! Then that he recognized us and began to welcome us in. Ray and Nancy are in choir with most of us, and five weeks ago he had major neck surgery and is restricted to wearing a collar for 12 weeks. Secretly we had cleared this with Nancy. We told her our trick was to come the night before Halloween; our treat was that we were bringing dinner. She totally kept the secret from Ray!

Laurey and Arlene

Nancy C preparing the salad

Judy stirring the soup

Nancy C and Bonnie

Judy and Max

Ray and Nancy D

Our fun group!

Nancy D, yours truly (Red Riding Hood costume) and Ray

Our history with meeting at Ray and Nancy's is rich. They have graciously hosted us in their home for The Truth Project, and Doing the Right Thing. Both of the sessions were wonderful, though I feel like I benefitted more from The Truth Project. 

Ray and Nancy are wonderful friends, and they were so happy we surprised them tonight - especially Ray. It was so much fun!


Pat said...

Fun!! Fun!! Fun!! Such neat and clever costumes. What a neat and creative thing to do. Love it.

MamaD4 said...

Is Nancy wearing your dirndl or is it just one that is very similar?


DD4 said...

Yes, Rachel, it is the one you borrowed for a time.