Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nels!

Today I am celebrating Nels' 3rd birthday. Was he actually born on October 29? No one knows. Annika and I picked him out from other cats at the Humane Society on December 23, 2010. When I took him to my veterinarian a week later, they estimated him to be 13 or 14 months old, and said I should chose a date for his birthday. October 29 seemed like as good a day as any.

I really like having Nels in my life. Oh, there are challenges: electric cord chewing (I have solved that problem to some extent by painting the cords with Tabasco sauce.), getting into cabinet doors (had latches installed), hair - lots of it - on my clothes (purchased many packages of lint rollers and have one in my car, in my work desk, in my coat closet, in my work bag), finicky eating (I haven't solved that one yet.). Nels and I both love being out in our screened porch. He goes out for a few minutes even when the temperature has hovered around freezing. His fur is so chilly when he comes back indoors.

Happy Birthday, Nels!


MamaD4 said...

Annika says "Happy Birthday Nels"! She remembers picking him out with you very clearly.

Heidi said...

Happy birthday Nels. I hope you get a special treat!

Pat said...

Happy Birtthday, Nels.