Sunday, July 03, 2011

Gayle's Cabin

Laurey, cutting the chicken for chicken salad

Lunch on the deck
Gayle and Laurey (this car doesn't belong to us!)
Guess who?
Miss Gayle
Miss Laurey
Laurey and Gayle

Yesterday my friend Laurey and I drove up to Spooner, Wisconsin, to spend some time at our friend Gayle's cabin. The night before, a big storm had come through the twin cities and this part of Wisconsin, bringing down many big trees and stripping the metal siding and roofs off some country buildings. In particular, the small town of Galesburg, WI, was affected. Gayle lost one big pine tree - thankfully, it missed hitting her cabin by a few feet.

We enjoyed sitting out on the deck - eating alfresco, and shopping in a couple of the towns near by. We had fantastic meals and laughed a lot.

Last night we saw some fireworks coming from a nearby lake. I'm sure there will be more tonight.

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