Saturday, July 30, 2011

Felix and Aurelia Pay a Visit

This afternoon was a very fun time for me: Aurelia and Felix came for a visit. Up until today, Felix would not let me hold him and he would cry if his parents left the room. Today that changed! :-)

I got out my little train set and wooden mailbox, plus a doll cradle and doll, and the kids and I played while Peder and Sarah went to a movie. I'm pleased to announce Felix didn't cry once, and he even fell asleep on me while I was rocking him. He slept for an hour! And all the while, Aurelia played quietly.

Felix has now gone home with his parents and Aurelia is spending the night with me. We're watching the movie My Neighbor Totoro - a sweet little movie that takes place in Japan.

By the way, Nels had a good time with Felix and Aurelia. He was right with them as they played on the floor and he loved it when Aurelia played with him with his toys. I'm thinking he must have come from a home with children.


carrster said...

Looks like so much fun! August is in the same stage where he's *hopefully* getting over his Mama & Daddy leaving & him not totally freaking out. Glad you had a great time! Hope you have a great sleepover!

-Peder said...

Hope everything went well!