Saturday, July 30, 2011

And the heat continues . . .

This has been the hottest July in my memory. We have had so many 90 or near 90 degree days - and it's wearing on me. I stay indoors a lot! My New Beetle has black leather seats and oh my, are they uncomfortable when I first get into my car. Whenever possible, I park in the shade. I check out all conditions in the parking areas before choosing my spot so that I am pointed away from the sun. My previous Beetle had black cloth seats and they were so much better - summer and winter.

Where my condo is situated, I benefited the coolness of my neighbors - above and beside - and didn't have to turn on my A/C until just this past Monday. Prior to that, the room temperature in my home was a constant 74 degrees. But now that we've had so many days - and nights - of heat, the A/C has been turned on.

I realize this heat is not exclusive to Minnesota. It seems most of the US is having such extreme weather this year. Hans and Rachel are dealing with heat and humidity. Jim and Lil are also experiencing the high heat. On the other hand, Heidi and Chad would like the temperature to be a bit warmer. Heidi reports they have reached 80 degrees twice this summer.

A long time ago I made this wish: I wish each season in Minnesota would last exactly 3 months. March 1 through May 31, snow would be gone, little green leaves would appear on the trees, perennials would begin to sprout, tulips and other bulb plants plus the flowering trees would blossom and last 6 weeks, or more. June 1 would see warmer temperatures, swimming pools would open, fire flies would come out in the evening, picnics would call us - as well as county fairs, children would be outside riding their trikes and bikes, baseball would entertain us. But come September 1, school would start, leaves would begin to change their colors, Monarch butterflies would start their trek to Mexico, sweaters would be worn in the early morning and again in the evening, and oven meals of squash, meat loaf, and baked potatoes would satisfy our appetites. The glorious foliage of Autumn would last until the last week of November - when all the raking would be done. Okay, December 1 could have some snow flakes and a little ice on the lakes. Stores could show off their Christmas goods, choirs and carolers would sing some of my favorite music - all month long. January could blast us with 3 or 4 big snow storms and lots of white stuff, while in February it would taper off to melting snow - and okay, a bit of slop and slush . . . followed by the promises of March 1 (go back to the beginning of this paragraph). There - - that's my wish.

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