Monday, July 18, 2011


Since updating my computer from Internet Explorer 7 to Internet Explorer 9 a couple of weeks ago, I am unable to post comments on three blogs of my family members and unable to publish the entries I create at home.

My last post - Antiques Road Show - was all typed with the photos uploaded at home, but when I clicked the "Publish Post" button (if you're a blogger, you know what I mean), it didn't budge. Nothing. Nada. I tried and tried, with no luck. So, I drove to my office, brought up my account - clicking the "edit posts" button, and was able to "publish" my article.

I have spent a couple of hours tonight searching the Blogger website, writing my question, and so far, waiting for a reply. I've also "googled" my question, but got nowhere. This is so frustrating!

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Pat said...

Welcome to my world!