Thursday, June 30, 2011


Jennifer and yours truly

Karen and Madalyn

L to R: Jo, Madalyn, Nancy

Today we said "farewell" two very dear co-workers. This is due to the sudden decision in our company to shift responsibilities to "the home office." This unexpected news came about five months ago, throwing parts of our office into a tizzy.

How to honor these fine women? A party is not fitting. Allowing them to quietly leave the building is cold and uncaring. A few weeks ago my boss and I brainstormed ideas about what could be done. She then checked with her boss for approval. Thankfully he went along with our thoughts.

Karen and Madalyn were not looking forward to this day, but agreed to let us proceed. Our personnel gathered in the company dining room and listened to kind comments from our boss. I was teary eyed. I do not like "good byes." I will miss these dear friends. Though they may come back for a visit, it will never be the same.

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