Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flowers around Door County

Beautiful, little butterfly on this peony

L to R: Diane, Linda, Pat, Jan

Diane, outside the Tannenbaum Shoppe

Oriental poppies



My cousins and I were impressed with the gorgeous flowers in Door County, Wisconsin, this past weekend.


MamaD4 said...

I'm sure you are having fun anywhere there's a store called the "Tannenbaum Shoppe"! The flowers are beautiful, thank you for sharing. It's raining here this morning, so it's nice to see your sunny pictures!

DD4 said...

Donna, I had fun checking out your blog about your trip to Door County. It looked like you all had a good time and that the weather was beautiful.

I had to get out my photo album of our trip to Door County. I didn't realize it was back in 1973 when we were there. We also went in the fall so did not see the beautiful flowers that you did. There was lots of fall color in our pictures.

I wondered if Al Johnson's Swedish restaurant was still there? It had grass on the roof and they said that they had goats go up and graze off the grass. We have a picture of the restaurant with the grass but no goats.

Also, we stayed at the very end of Door County island. We took the ferry boat across to Washington Island, a friend of ours, Peter Gomben, had told us about his helping to build the church there so we had to see it. From there we went on to Rock Island which we found fascinating. Allan had told Linda about that. There was a stone castle there, and also a cemetery there that had Daniel Boone's brother's grave there. Anyway, it looked like you also had a great time there.

We were there a couple of days so had more time to explore the area.

We saw the fish boil, but I am like Donna and wasn't interested in having any and Allan didn't either.

It would be fun to see any more pictures that any of you may have taken.

Aunt Ginny